TO THE LIGHTHOUSEgentleman, she thought, handing a flower to a lad[∧]y /at a window (so courteous his manner was). Buth[%] / Hewas shabby, and simple, eating bread and cheese;and yet he was leading them on a great expedi-tion where, for all she knew, they would bedrowned.“That was where she sunk," said Macalister’sboy suddenly.[%]“Three men were drowned where we arenow,”saidthe old man[∧]said. He had seen themclinging to the mast himself. And Mr. Ramsaytaking a look at the spot was about, James andCam were afraid, to burst out:10 ptBut I beneath a rougher sea,and if he did, they could not bear it; they wouldshriek aloud; they could not endure anotherexplosion of thatthepassion that boiled in him; butto their surprise all he said was “Ah” as if hethought to himself, But why make a fuss aboutthat? Naturally men are drowned in a storm, butit is a perfectly straightforward affair, and thedepths of the sea (he sprinkled the crumbs fromhis sandwich paper over them) are only waterafter all. Then having lighted his pipe he tookout his watch. He looked at it attentively; hemade, perhaps, some mathematical calculation.At last he said, triumphantly:318
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