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To The LighthouseCornwallCarbis Bay 1926Houses at Carbis Bay 1926Carbis Bay 1926
To The LighthouseCornwallCarbis Bay c.1910Carbis Bay circa 1910.Carbis Bay c.1910
To The LighthouseCornwallOn the sandsOn the sands, Carbis Bay, near St Ives, 1908On the sands
To The LighthouseCornwallCarbis Bay ChurchCarbis Bay Church, Cornwall.Carbis Bay Church
To The LighthouseCornwallThe VillageThe Village, Carbis Bay, 1908.The Village
To The LighthouseCornwallClodgy PointClodgy Point, St Ives, 1913.Clodgy Point
To The LighthouseCornwallHigh StreetHigh Street, St Ives, 1908.High Street
To The LighthouseCornwallThe TerraceThe Terrace, St Ives, 1911.The Terrace
To The LighthouseCornwallThe Old LighthouseThe Old Lighthouse, St Ives, 1918.The Old Lighthouse
To The LighthouseCornwallHarbour 1936Harbour, St Ives, 1936.Harbour 1936
To The LighthouseCornwallPorthminster BeachPutting Green and Porthminster Beach, St Ives, 1937.Porthminster Beach
To The LighthouseCornwallHarbour 1904Harbour, St Ives, 1904.Harbour 1904
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives from TrenwithSt Ives as viewed from Trenwith, circa 1910.St Ives from Trenwith
To The LighthouseCornwallHarbour 1919Harbour, St Ives, 1919Harbour 1919
To The LighthouseCornwallIn the DigeyIn the Digey, St Ives, 1904.In the Digey
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives PierSt Ives Pier, 1906.St Ives Pier
To The LighthouseCornwallOld Houses 1904Old Houses, St Ives, 1904.Old Houses 1904
To The LighthouseCornwallFishing BoatsFishing boats by moonlight, St Ives, 1917.Fishing Boats
To The LighthouseCornwallParish ChurchParish Church, St Ives, 1909.Parish Church
To The LighthouseCornwallBethesda HillBethesda Hill, St Ives, 1915.Bethesda Hill
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives 1910A view across St Ives, 1910.St Ives 1910
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives 1916St Ives from Parken-Roper, 1916.St Ives 1916
To The LighthouseCornwallTregenna PlaceTregenna Place, St Ives, 1910.Tregenna Place
To The LighthouseCornwallOld Houses 1916Old Houses, St Ives, 1916.Old Houses 1916
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives 1904Bathing huts, St Ives, 1904.St Ives 1904
To The LighthouseCornwallHarbour 1905The Harbour, St Ives, 1905.Harbour 1905
To The LighthouseCornwallOld Houses 1910Old Houses, St Ives, 1910.Old Houses 1910
To The LighthouseCornwallBailey\'s LaneBailey\'s Lane, St Ives, 1905.Bailey\'s Lane
To The LighthouseCornwallThe DigeyThe Digey, St Ives, 1914.The Digey
To The LighthouseCornwallSt Ives 1905St Ives, circa 1905.St Ives 1905
To The LighthouseCornwallPorthminster HousePorthminster House, St Ives, circa 1904.Porthminster House
To The LighthouseCornwallBarnoon HillBarnoon Hill, St Ives, 1911.Barnoon Hill
To The LighthouseCornwallHarbour c.1905Harbour, St Ives, circa 1905.Harbour c.1905
To The LighthouseCornwallBeach 1912On the beach, St Ives, 1912.Beach 1912
To The LighthouseCornwallPorthminster Hotel c.1910Porthminster Hotel, St Ives, circa 1910.Porthminster Hotel c.1910
To The LighthouseCornwallLanding Fish c.1910Landing fish, St Ives, circa 1910.Landing Fish c.1910
To The LighthouseCornwallPorthmeor Square, 1910Porthmeor Square, St Ives, circa 1910.Porthmeor Square, 1910
To The LighthouseCornwallTregenna Castle, 1907Tregenna Castle Hotel, St Ives, 1907.Tregenna Castle, 1907
To The LighthouseCornwallTalland House - OS 1877Ordinance survey map of Talland House, 1877.Talland House - OS 1877