Using the site

Woolf Online provides the following:

  • Texts
  • images and transcriptions of all the surviving manuscript and proof documents for the novel and images and transcriptions of copies of the editions published in Woolf's lifetime in English.

  • Contexts
  • letters, diaries, and essays that Woolf wrote during the gestation, composition, production, and dissemination of her novel; reviews of the novel; pictures of the Stephen family, and photos of Cornwall scenes including Talland House. Other materials give accounts of events contemporary with the writing of the novel.

  • Resources
  • a bibliography of scholarship and criticism relating to the novel; essays on aspects of composition, publication, settings, and significance of historical events.

  • Copyright & Credits
  • provides guidelines for citing the project materials. In keeping with the project objectives, it is important that citations to materials in this project indicate the physical originals as well as their virtual representation in this project. More specific information for each item is provided in the Taxonomy charts.

  • Texts appear either as images of original documents, or transcriptions of them, or both image and transcription in transparent mode. (See the help menu for Transparent View).
  • The upper right corner of each screen indicates what one is looking at, who you are (if you signed in), what your status is, and when you logged in.
  • Clicking on a content item in the menu will either expand the menu for more detailed listings or take one to a "Taxonomy" chart for the item or category selected that fully identifies the materials and the views that can be taken for the material. This chart indicates the original source documents and their location in physical archives.
  • Navigation from the Taxonomy chart to specific documents is through the links in the right-hand column--which may initially take one to another more specific Taxonomy chart.

For further information, please consult the following user guide: