53she assured herselfWShe ascertained, She ascertained with the speed of practise thatsoall was well: &, bending down again began looking for mowingfor her son to cut outmachines, or many bladed knives, while from the gardennowsoothed by the assurance which reached her, suddenly loudly now &then as her now faintly, as her husband reached theappeared at the window & passed it, & & again appeared &itpassed, that he was content:clenching hishands, &throwing hishead back &recitingwords which cameat her in gusts& faded away,Stormed at by shot & shellBoldly they rode & well --so long as he declaimed that to like that, & shook his magnificenthead & clenched his fists,Stormed at by shot & shellBoldly they rode & well -It The words came rang out, he tossed his head back &clenched his that all was well.Yet it was a sight that never failed to rouse wonder inthose unfamiliar with it. The familiar sight, the soothing sound, theassurance she at once received, of happiness, for she had thethey suited each other, had the his eccentricities drew atcoincided with her normalities, & again, where he wasperhapssane & when she, perhaps owing to her foreign blood, wasromantic & extreme; never failed to rouse surprise inthose who but familiar as they were was to heritunused to his waysuponsoothed her; but to casual visitors or servants had preciselythe opposite effect.They thought it very strange - the. Ccook orgave her a sense ofwell being &right comfort& housemaids peering into the study & seeing the litterthere of papers, the accumulation of books which of anunintelligible kind which Mr. Ramsay dragged from oneend of the British Isles to the other, & could not noting too
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