203A child's power of happiness was something indescribable.Cam could still be happy for days with a tenpenny tea set.It seemed to Mrs. Ramsay that Tthey began early in the morning.A ?ch sound of Shouting & stamping began over her head inthe nursery about seven o'clock. Then they came bursbursting along the passages, & then the door sprang open &in they came, James royally seated in Susie's arms;Cam, plucking at her apron, both so sure as if itstaring,both g wide awake,as if this coming into the dining roomafter breakfast werea positive event to them - & so on,all day long; till she went up to say good night, & foundthem netted into their cots, like birds among cherries &strawberries, still crowing & shouting with flushed &mischievous, & still so happy that, as she entirely &having lived one day& being about tolive another that,absolutely happy, that asshe said to her husband, shecould not bear to think they must grow up & lose it all.say that:He was could not did not like her to take what he calledown"a gloomy view of life". He With all Hhis apparent 'gloom'for all its apparent violence, was far less view of life, for allthe violence of his sayings, was really more cheerful than her own;& perhapsanyhow, makingphrases was agreat alleviation,to him& she wished shehad the power, butmore robust perhaps,not that she did despair, even of somesort of final arrangementby which the tragedies & sorrowsshould be made up, good:it was only that if one did notaccept the usual beliefs& if one had lived, as she had, fiftyhad seenyears, if one saw,on the whole, something of the suffering thatwent on - for instance among the poor, & in one hadtried could not altogether overcome certain, wellEarly impressions, & now she did revisit, either thatpra particular event - it was nothing but a young man's?withdeath; but she had which with the in the her curioushadsingle [?simple] mindedness she had neithermade neither intoworna beautiful beauty nor into habit: but had kept it sharp &uncompromising, at the her heart, like a hair shirt)

Then, how could one be thoughtlessly,about wh peopledebated - had itany real existenceor not? -it happenedto be in [?truth]
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