219was aware. No baseness too despicable even in men & women.Nothat lastedAnd ?their happiness was not lasting. And theyShe turned her She knitted with firm composure, slightly ppursing her lips, so that when Mr. Ramsay passed her, ?hethough he was thinking of Hume & how Hume having grownfat?asenormously stout, stuck in a bog, he could not help butmaking a note of that severity, which was part of her beauty, -strokeThere was her light again, the third stroke.It was the longthird stroke, direct & im -And she thought with athe soul of it, theflame.Yet itdistressed him.sort of carelessness which in the she could was entirelyshe thoughtNothing she minded for herself,No happiness And they must die.For herself shequite reckless.That indeed was one of thing that struck her -how recklessshe cd. ?have?beenprobably if it were not for the children, she wasreckless: rather unscrupulous, as in this matter of arrangingmarriages; & rather intolerant of restriction If she had been richIf she had had more money - if she had been for example, Lady So & So -She stopped knitting. She gazed with some irony in herinterrogation, some veiling of her eye, at that cry steadylight, that remorseless light, which was however was sosearching, so pure & its which ?was so much her; And yet& so little her at the same time; had her at its beck & call,perhaps; but for all thatshewas extremely conscious - sheI dont she didnot findit easy to give in -watching itthought watching it silvering the waves a little morebrightly as daylight faded - she never could nota abdicate her own power, as some people could, sheshe never did submit: her own she was not did not find iteasy to give way - & her it came & rolling purwaves of pure lemon, lovely & ethereal, upon the beach.ForAnd yetFortheyit distressed him, Mr. Ramsay, passing again -not her she not that her temperament wasshouldhad part inthat severityitinamong oth with all its simple he foundtinged with melancholyBut he felt that he would not like to interrupt her: thereare moments of great estrangement:the fits of irritabilityshe did notscornenvy
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