212157one moment.But she stopped. As if impelled by some curiosity which she mustgratify or driven by some discomfort which she must assuage,she went a pace or two to the end of the lawn, whence she couldto see whether down there, where the sea spread, & onein the harbourreach spread she could see the boat, &[Would they have hadtime to reach the sea? get there?]& the little company starting for the lighthouseRamsays startingin the ?shining blue hollow of the bayDown there among the little boats to anchored which floatedsome with their sails furled, others slowly (for it was verycalm) moving away, she chose one, with where the sail waseven now being hoisted; to & decided that there, in thatvery distant, & to her entirely silent craf wa wa seatedMr.The MS looks like Mrs., but if so, it is Woolf's slip. Ramsay was sitting & Cam & James. Now they had the saillittle boatfor they all seemedshrouded in profoundsilence & moved?siwithdeliberationup ?& now [?] after a little flagging & hesitation, she sawthe sails were filled a puff of air filled the caught the sails,filled them, taking its way the boat sailed away took its waymovingpastout making, she saw, among the other boats, out to sea.2

The sail flapped over Cams head. The water chuckled & slapped the& for some time the boat rocked a little this way & that,with the sails slack & creased. & it seemed as if they wouldnever start. They move. Then [Macalister's b boy got out his oars,]& they started, Mr. Ramsay, who detested hanging about,[?] said something to rather impatient, & Macalister's boy got out hissettle down until they were flying along, he would keeplooking for a breeze & watching the sail.Nor would theylook at him, nor would they smile. For he had said that shewas to sit there, & James was to steer; & he had He hadmade them come. They would neither look at him, nor speak to him;nor forget this intolerable injury to the end of their days.in the calmoars & they began rowing.But her father would never
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