207207enfolding another, python-like, forever & ever, & the& making peace impossible, is a torture & a distress for which shethought, there is no cure, no end.

Jaspers taking the puppy out, she said.

And what was she going to call him,Mr. Ramsay asked.persisted.And she said she didn't know.she didn't couldn't think; & Mr. Ramsaysaid Spot, Frisk, Pink? Po & James steered grimly,& she said,nothing, & James thought "she will give way not like that;not notbut quite suddenly, & he waited for ?he look to come in her faceShe will?look.which he remembered.?They turn their down, he thought;theypretend to be thinking, or considering.Then suddenly they look up:(For in his own mind the dead his mother, he called his mother 'they'; itwas of her he was thinking; so she would be knitting; his fatherwould be standing there, saying Spot, Frisk, Pink? like that,& she would be angry; & suddenly, vanquished, overcome, she wouldlook up!
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