225243The boat with the brown sails was now half way across the bay.So fine was the morning that except for a streak of wind here & there, theall one,the sea & sky lookedas if they met without anywere one thin substance.& inclear blue substance; as if sails were stuck high up in the sky; & thein the clear blue substance which might be sky or might be sea.A steamer on the outskirts of the bay had left a drawn in the airor droppclouds hadfa droppeddown into theseaa great scroll of smoke, curving & circling decoratively whichremained there,far for miles, hanging as if the air were gauzyin the& a gauze which caught things & kept them; only & gentlyletting them swaya little,in a gentle dreamy trance, in aAnd what was as happenssometimes, when the weather is very clear & fine, & still thehigh cliffs of the shore seemed to be inthe cliffs had alookedas if they were conscious of the ships - &the shipswere looked as ifconscious of the shore; as if without care for human concerns,hadthis as if they the they communication together.Aug. 17th
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