230253opening & shutting. There it was, noiselessly opening & shuttingitwith the light of the lighthouse coming through, silently, steadily all night long.It had been to him a symbol. opening its eye, of shutting it, in time until, in a kind of

Unfortunately,rhythm, until listening, seeing, the waves, the light, onefell asleep. nu one fell asleep, but so lightly that all the time one heardthrough curtains thin as vine leaves,the waves, saw the lightcame& went, through a thinth cool ?hat, which seemedto lie over to coverone theeyeWhose foot could he crush there? (At the same time, these feelings weremust be purely nonsensical; for there was the Lighthouse itself:a stark grey funnel on a rock, something like an extinguisher: there it wasactually;There was a gulf of some sort betweenthe world before thecatastrophe & the world after it:It was impossible to make the two thingsinto one.It became more & more difficult

Even there, thinking about the world before the catastrophe, he wouldalmost forget why he had begun to think of it.Or, something so ?cut ?asHe had perhaps an inkling of this in & it had come to h of thediscrepancy between the two & it had come to him through his father - even[ the wheel did go over one's foot even in that world. ] in that world:though his father's voice, manner, gesture, through something arid &dry & angular, which kept flourishing over one's head & telling the truthYesit wasthere:which kept banging & doors; descendinged from the clouds & saidItIt would rain, he said, & it did rain.For suppose that worldwas not Perhaps that was the wheel that went over one's foot.It rained, of course, if he said so. But the curious thing was this:heldhimThere wasreallynotThis was the aston in intolerable thing: this was what onehardly felt in the world before its ruin, & always afterwards.He A love of darkness.Truth was always on the side of Rain was truth.The rain & the How he loved such things as rain. So deepthe difference went that it became seemed almost to changetheHe couldphysical qualities of things.All they were Fromsketch hisThat voice descended there, in the midst of that perfectlydowneasy out right world; makingit shiver & contractleaving anindelible trace. For it was not merely that his
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