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47& a voice (Mr. Carmichael's) began chantingCome out & climb the garden pathLuriana LurileeThe China rose is all abloom & buzzing withthe yellow bee& the words soundedbut she which sounded as if ittheywere floating about incame from the darkness outside& had no connection with any bodyI wonder if it seems to youLuriana LurileeThat all the lives we ever lived &all the lives to beAre full of trees & changing leavesNor did she attach much meaning to themknow quite what they meant, but like music, theyrelieved her of the seemed to make tosaying what everybody had been feeling, &she had felt, everybody had felt, but by herself she could never knownhave thought how to express that deep, strange, the feeling,that had haunted her all the evening but it was notexactly what the words said, but the sense they gave ofsomeone e coming out from his shell, & being natural,which was very & expressing the longing that was in& in additionall of them for some other life, & for roses & changingleaves, their sorrow, their the astonishing desireshopes which eachthefantasy& thenow

It was old Mr.Augustus Carmichael.She waited.

Now surely it was time to leave go

But Mr. Carmichael went on chanting