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339OnceWhen hewas aboyhe saidWhen he was a boy, he said, he had been walking in the heart of thecountry when he had seen a hansom cab, suddenly appearing in the lane.They had to He had never forgotten meetingIt was common in those daysfor pe country people to give one milk for nothing:All that hasvanished he said.Once he hadYou would have to offer moneyBut they wd be ?angry in some parts of England ?ifwherever you went now, he said.ThenNowthere were hotels instead oflodging houses; &the old people all talked English.Macalister, how old are you?he asked.All the same, he said,But he saidBut he was an old man.these were an old man's views.How old wasMacalister? Only just past 50 - & the others? Macalisters boy(they sat round eating together) spoke for the first time. He washe saideighteen. And Cam was 17 & James was 16.They were allinfants said Mr. Ramsay, compared with him.Strangetimes were coming he said.he said& ?little ofFor a moment he seemed toto be going to fall into that boding anxious mood when he wasapt to saybegan shou ?re quoting reciting poetry; butBut no.He was ?quThe old wizardThey wereHe said thatthat theircrustA slice ofbread &cheese waswhathe liked.He could remember the man who built that lighthouse he said.HeHe saidsuddenly that the best dinner in the world was bread & cheese.Oh, but he couldn't cut it himself now, he said.Peopledegenerated as they grew older.They became fussy, theyhad fancies.When was young one could sleepin the open -shake ones coat like a dog & get up fresh as a lark next morning.(looking atwhatMacalisterwascutting)He would like to come back again after a hundred years, he said,to see what they'd made of it."They'll have enough of iton their hands," he said to Macalister; if & they grinnedat each other; Jame & James felt this isIt may be [?]true what he says.One of the He is likes fishermen better than anyone ?anybodymostHe What he likes best is to smoke eat bread & cheese with Macalister.