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16151this air of simple integrity, for where there is no strife &\The backslash may indicate something like 'strife and/or collusion' because the MS from the previous day had only 'collusion and compromise' and 'strife' is the new disturbing element. [Shillingsburg, P.] collusionno compromise, it seems as if truth were there, undraped,itself, undraped.So

And what As Nothing it seems can break that pureimage; or corrupt that innocence; or disturb the lovely swayingmantle of silence which day after day, week after week &month after month lies upon the house, where save for thewandering gusts & the se damp sea air, & weaves intoingitself the trembling cry of a rook & the fainter stranger calls &passingout[?] a[?] sea[?]moves[?] atechoes, which coming far from sea,& from the sea, orthe hum far away in the fields of some some hum risingfar away in the in the fields; whether some throb; some[?] pulse, & then gently mak muffling & folding the house again.on the landgOnly suddenly & for no perceptible readon, a board creaks; &then again (the wrapping of the shawl loosens itself, asin silence.after y centuries in one second a giant avalanche detachesitself,) & where the wrapping one fold of theshawl loosens itself, & whether by as if someinsidious jaw[?]concealing its operations had finally bittenthrough some tie & loosened the shawls hold upon theskull. At the same moment, too, - almost moresurprisingly, with a sound like the grating of iron&the