The Irish Times. May 27, 1927, p.3.

We can find nothing but praise for Virginia
Woolf’s latest novel, “To the Lighthouse.”
It is the story of a not unordinary household,
presenting the ordinary incidents of a few
days of everyday life during the holidays. In
the course of the story, however, Mrs. Woolf
succeeds in stamping upon the reader’s mind
a vivid knowledge and understanding of the
fundamentals of the characters whom she
describes. Her insight is astonishing, and in
addition her work is eminently artistic, admirably 
conceived and perfectly rounded. Her
exquisitely-worded descriptions will make even
the jaded novel-reader turn to her books 
again and again for pleasure.
“To the Lighthouse.” By Virginia Woolf. The
Hogarth Press. 7/6 net.