(12)those mirrors, the minds of men, in those pools of uneasy water,in which clouds for ever turn and shadows form, dreams persisted,and it was impossible to resist the strange intimation which everygull, flower, tree and the white earth itself seemed to declare(but if questioned at once to withdraw) that good triumphs, happi-ness prevails, order rules, or to resist the extraordinary stimulusto range hither and thither in search of some absolute good, somecrystal of intensity, remote from the known pleasures and familiarvirtues, something alien to the processes of domestic life, single,hard, bright, like a diamond in the sand, which would render thepossessor secure. Moreover, softened and acquiescent, the springwith her bees humming and gnats dancing threw her lcloak about her,and veiled her eyes and averted her head, and among passingshadows and flights of small rain seemed to have taken upon her aknowledge of the sorrows of mankind.

In this warmth, the wind sent its spies about the house again.Flies wove a web in the sunny rooms; weeds that had grown closeto the glass in the night tapped methodically at the window pane.When darkness fell, the stroke of the lighthouse which had laiditself when nights were dark with authority upon the carpet,tracing its pattern, came now mixed with moonlight gliding gentlyand stealthily as if it laid its caress and lingered and lookedand came lovingly again. But in the very lull of this lovingcaress, as the long stroke leant upon the bed, the rock was rentasunder; another fold of the shawl loosened; there it hung, and
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