(14)foamed and boiled and bled beneath. This intrusion into ascene calculated to stir the most sublime reflections and leadto the most comfortable conclusions stayed their pacing. Itwas difficult blandly to overlook them; to abolish their signi-ficance in the landscape; to continue, as one walked by the sea,to marvel how beauty outside mirrored beauty within.

Did nature supplement what man advanced? did she completewhat he began? With equal benignancy she saw his misery, con-doned his meanness, acquiesced in his torture. That dream - ofsharing, of finding outside the house completion - was then buta reflection in a mirror, and the mirror itself but the surfaceglassiness which forms in quiescence when the nobler powers sleepbeneath?. Impatient, despairing, yet loth to go (for beauty offersher lures, has her consolations) to pace the beach was impossible:contemplation was unendurable; the mirror was broken.VI

Night after night, summer and winter, the torment of storms,the arrowlike stillness of fine weather, held their court withoutinterference. Listening (had there been anyone to listen) fromthe upper rooms of the empty house only gigantic chaos streakedwith lightning could have been heard tumbling and tossing, as thewinds and waves disported themselves like the amorphous bulks ofleviathans whose brows are pierced by no light of reason, andmounted one on top of another, and lunged and plunged in the dark-ness or the daylight (for night and day, month and year ran shape-
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