Monday 25 November

I merely add idly (ought I not to be correcting To the Lighthouse) that the difficulties with Nelly are to 
avoid an apology. She has weakened, & is now all out to catch us weakening. She wished L. many happy returns 
this morning. She came to me on Friday & asked me why I did not speak. I had some difficulty in being stiff 
& angry & saying that after her behaviour & accusations it was impossible. Mrs Hunt promises an abundance 
of permanent dailies, & so I think the die is cast. I have no doubt difficulties will begin, again; but not the old
intolerable difficulties, no, no, never again.

I broadcast; & poured my rage hot as lava over Vita. She appeared innocent—I mean of telling H[ilda] 
M[atheson]. that I could easily cut my Brummell to bits. And then I discussed her friends, Vita's friends, & said
that here, in their secondrateness, was the beginning of my alienation. I cant have it said "Vita's great friends—
Dottie, Hilda & Virginia". I detest the 2ndrate schoolgirl atmosphere. She sat silent for the most part, & only 
said I was right. Harold had said the same. The thing to do is to check it. She cant stop what she's begun. And 
then in a hurry to Rodmell, where the roof is on, & the floor stretched with planks. The bedroom will be a lovely 
wonderful room what I've always hoped for.